Chevy vs. Ford: 10 Head-to-Head Comparisons

The "Chevy Vs. Ford" debate has been raging for over a century. Whether you're into trucks or sports cars or even minivans, odds are you've at least had to sit down and compare the two, even if you're not the kind of person to start a fight over it. Let's take a look at how the two stack up this year across a few categories.

1 of 10 1. Subcompact: Ford Fiesta vs. Chevy Sonic

The Ford Fiesta is a surprisingly nice car for the price point. Of course, it has the same concessions to space that any subcompact car must make, but the hatchback version has solid storage space, and the engine is stellar. The regular 1.6L 4-cylinder provides good fuel economy, but you can turbocharge it to boost power to 197hp, or go with a 1.0L 3-cylinder EcoBoost engine to get the most out of your mileage (31 mpg in the city and 43 mpg on the highway.) One big drawback is that the base model really truly is basic. Did you know that you can still buy a car with manual windows in 2016? That's probably not what the Fiesta wants to stand out for. But the base model does edge out the Sonic, just barely, in terms of fuel economy.

The Sonic has a lot on the Fiesta. For a start, it's more spacious in basically every dimension. That means more room for the passengers to ride in comfort and more room for cargo. The trunk space is larger, especially in the sedan. And the seats fold down all the way in the Sonic (they don't in the Fiesta), giving it a pretty sizeable advantage (literally). The Sonic also has a stronger safety rating, and you can add on a package of collision-avoidance features. The 1.8L 4-cylinder engine can crank out 138hp, and an optional turbocharged 1.4L can crank out 148lb-ft of torque, giving it an astonishingly nimble feel for its class.

Winner: The zippy Fiesta ST is a great performer, but on average across all trim models, the Chevy Sonic just gives you more for your money. The Sonic wins.

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