Family SUV Face-Off: 10 Head-to-Head Comparisons

Whether you're taking a pack of kids to soccer practice or going off-roading, SUVs offer a lot of utility to a lot of people. But there's an entire world of options out there to choose from. Here, we've taken two good models from ten different types of SUV and compared them, to help you start making an informed decision. 

1. Compact SUVs: Ford Escape vs. Honda CR-V

The Ford Escape is a solid effort for a compact SUV. With a couple of fantastic turbocharged four-cylinder engines available as options and solid, car-like handling, the Escape is good for anyone looking to move up from a small car to their first larger vehicle. It’s also equipped with a comfortable interior, though it’s not as utilitarian as some others in terms of spaciousness or gas mileage.

The Honda CR-V doesn’t have a bad ride either, though, and with its 24 mpg, ample cargo space, and 185-hp I-4 engine, it has a lot more than that. This car is big enough to get the job done but small enough not to be a huge adjustment, even if it’s not quite as car-like in its handling as the Escape. Add to that the high-tech refresh it recently underwent and you’ve got a solid SUV on your hands. It’s no wonder it’s the top seller in its class.

Winner: Honda CR-V

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