20 Best Trucks to Buy

20 Best Trucks to Buy. The pick-up truck is practically part of the American landscape. Pick-up trucks even hand a hand in helping to build the American landscape. They are also the best-selling vehicles every year in the United States. That's right; the best-selling overall vehicle in the country isn't a cheap compact car or the family-mover SUV. It's the American built Ford F-150 followed by the Chevrolet Silverado and the Ram Pickup from Dodge. In fact, the F-Series has been the #1 leader for the past 41 years!

Lots of people pick their truck based on their gut because their granddad worked at Ford or because their dad drove a Ram. But for people who want to sit a spell and think things through, there are a lot of options out there. Different trucks have different strengths, and they're changing more often than we realize. As all vehicles have grown bigger and bigger, there has been a recent sales surge in mid-size truck models, as well as new interest from manufacturers in offering smaller truck sizes.

It can be beyond confusing to pick out a truck to purchase. After all, there's a lot to consider. With all the different model sizes to choose from, each featuring their own unique cab and bed size combinations, there's a dizzying array of offerings to compare. Trucks can also get quite expensive, so it pays to be a smart shopper and really consider all your options! Here are some of the best according to buyer reviews and automotive reviewers to help you make sense of everything.

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