the inside view of the front seat of a compact car

Best Compact Cars of 2016

The eco-friendly movement is still going strong, and because of that, compact cars are increasing in popularity every year.

Compact and subcompact cars are great choices because they are more affordable than almost any other vehicles, many of them are now electric, and the ones that aren’t electric will still help you and the environment with their fuel efficiency. Below are the five compact cars to keep your eye on in 2016.

Toyota Prius C

The mid-size Prius has been entirely reimagined to fit the needs of compact car buyers, and now you can purchase a smaller version of this great car. The Prius C starts at a very affordable $19,500 and boasts 53 mpg highway and 46 mpg city. Even though this car is small, it doesn’t sacrifice interior space, so you and your family or friends will still be supremely comfortable, even on long road trips. 

Nissan Leaf

Nissan’s first 100% electric car also happens to be a cute, modern compact. This car starts at a modest $21,500 for the basic model, but you can also earn state and federal incentives and tax credits, so you could end up saving thousands by purchasing this electric car. The Leaf boasts an MPG equivalent of a whopping 126 highway/101 city, and it still has a comfortable, roomy, five-seat interior. Plug your car in overnight and you’ll be good to go for 84 miles on a single charge.

FIAT 500e

FIAT is one of the leaders in the compact and subcompact car business, so their small electric car starts at around $32,000. Because of tax credits and money saved on purchasing fuel, you will save thousands over time. You will easily be able to park this car in virtually any parking spot, and even though the 500e is very small, you will still be comfortable in its Italian-styled interior with modern details that include white and orange leather seats.

Chevrolet Spark

The Spark is one of the most affordable subcompact cars on the market, starting at a mere $12,000. Although this vehicle is not electric, it will still save you a bundle on gas with its 31 city, 39 highway MPG. Despite its size, this car will also keep you safe in an accident with ten airbags, and the 2015 model was chosen as an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety "Top Safety Pick." 

Volkswagen Golf

Starting at $18,500, this compact car packs all the punch of a mid-size or large car. It has a turbocharged engine, a touchscreen on the dash, and an optional moonroof. The Golf’s biggest perk is that in addition to the luxuries, it also has an MPG of 25 city and 36 highway. You can purchase this vehicle in two-door or four-door models, so you will be able to find one that perfectly fits your level of comfort. 

Last Updated: August 19, 2016