an image showing the shift toward new fuel-efficient cars

Buying a New, Fuel-Efficient Car

Driving a fuel-efficient car can reduce your expenses and negative impact on the environment. In today's car market, many vehicles have emerged to fill the demand for these more energy-efficient vehicles. Some cars are powered by electricity, while others have take advantage of the energy lost from stopping to speed a vehicle back up. Some cars also use technologies that simply use less gas and emit fewer emissions. This article will outline how car buyers can find more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Justifying the Expense

Unfortunately, fuel-efficient vehicles carry a more expensive sticker price than their gas-guzzling peers. Fuel-efficient vehicles can, however, be cheaper in the long run when the money saved on fuel is considered. While "hybrid" versions of cars can cost as much as an additional $4000, these vehicles pay for themselves over the years.

Electric Cars

Electric cars are some of the most cutting-edge vehicles on the market today. These vehicles usually get their power through a daily charging; a fully charged battery can power a 100-mile trip. While this is likely enough for your daily commute, electric cars currently aren't suited for long trips.


Many of today's more affordable fuel-efficient vehicles are powered with biodiesel technology. These vehicles are capable of using either traditional diesel fuel or alternative sources that contain ethanol. Because owners have the flexibility to use either fuel, they can vary the type of fuel consumed based on prevailing energy prices.

Emerging Technologies

In the coming years, car buyers should look for new advancements that will be incorporated into automobiles; these include increased battery life, solar power, and high-performance vehicles.

Researchers continue to advance the field of battery power storage as new technologies using lithium are improved. As time goes on, solar cells will continue to be more viable in future automobiles. Finally, as technology continues to improve, electric powered cars will start to dominate the high-performance market. This can already be seen in some cars today, with high-end electric sports cars reaching speeds in excess of 200 mph.

Recommendations for Buyers

Car buyers should currently look for vehicles that offer hybrid technologies. Car buyers with more substantial budgets should also consider investigating cars that run strictly on electricity. By understanding technologies available in today's marketplace, car buyers are able to save money while reducing their impact on the environment.

Last Updated: April 27, 2016