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Buying New Truck Tires

Good trucks need great tires to fulfill their potential. Whether on paved city streets, snowy mountain roads or muddy forest trails, your choice of truck tires will dictate how your rig handles and performs. The top tire manufacturers in America give truck owners plenty of tires to choose from. Check out standard all-season truck tires if you're mostly interested in getting to work year-round, or invest in summer performance truck tires or extra-rugged off-road tires. While shopping for car tires is rarely exciting, a new set of truck tires can bring a whole lot of attitude to your rig. Are you on the market? Comparing special offers and big tire discounts, we found that Firestone who is offering a summer tire promotion of buy 4 tires and get a $70 rebate. Then there is Goodyear where you can get a $60 rebate when you buy 4 select tires, plus there are a number of other online tire retailers that buy and sell tires at wholesale pricing. These killer coupons are sure to help you save big bucks on your next set of truck tires!

What are the best deals on light truck tires?

Finding deals on light truck tires is more difficult than finding bargains on car tires. Passenger car tires are always the cheapest, which makes them attractive for being featured in online sales and print ads. You may have to look a little harder to find great deals on truck tires. Check out the websites of tire companies in your area, and also check out online tire retailers that provide free shipping options. Right now you can find a number of deals that will save you quite a bit of money. Just Tires offers $200 back on a set of four tires while Big O Tires offers a buy three get one free offer. These are significant savings when you consider the overall cost of replacing your truck tires.

What should I look for in a set of off-road tire?

Off-road truck tires come in varying degrees of ruggedness, with the most rugged tires being significantly more expensive. If you're going to be driving on groomed or established roads, then you can get by with less-aggressive off-road tires that will still handle decently on city streets. But if you're goal is rock crawling and traversing exceptionally rugged trails, then you're going to want larger tires with more aggressive tread patterns. The size of your truck will also matter, as light trucks and full-size trucks require different tire sizes. The Grabber A/TX from General Tire is a fantastic tire that works great on- and off-road.

Should I get all-season truck tires or off-road tires?

All-season tires are good enough for most pickup truck applications. But for extreme off-road conditions, there's no substitute for actual off-road tires. If your goal is simply driving on dirt or gravel roads to reach remote lakes and campgrounds -- or if you just want to make it up to the ski lodge a few times per year -- then all you need is all-season tires. The EXTREMECONTACT DWS 06 Ultra High Performance All-Season tires work great all year round and they are available for as low as $115 from Tire Rack. General Tire GRABBER A/TX off-road tires are just $116. 

Does this pickup truck tire have run-flat technology?

Most tire companies offer their own versions of truck tires that will remain drivable for a short while even after being punctured. These tires aren't very helpful in off-road driving, because most punctures that happen while off-roading are from jagged rocks that tear the tire. Run-flat tires are only useful when tires are cleanly punctured, which is what happens when driving over screws or nails. If most of your driving is on city streets, though, you can definitely benefit from having run-flat truck tires.

Which new tires for pickup trucks have the best warranty coverage?

Don't just compare prices when shopping around for truck tires; also pay close attention to warranty plans. A warranty can save you hundreds of dollars in the event one of your tires needs to be replaced. Although most truck tires won't blow out for no reason, occasional defects can leave you stranded and out lots of money without a good warranty. Compare the durations of different warranties (how many years or miles are they good for), and be sure to rotate your tires often enough to keep your warranty valid. Goodyear tires offer a 55,000-mile warranty.

What should I expect to pay for new truck tires?

When shopping for truck tires, you can spend about as much as you'd like. You're likely to find plenty of options that cost between $100 and $200 per tire, and you should always read reviews on tire models (check Consumer Reports) before forking over your money. Be wary of especially cheap tires that may not be up to the quality of slightly more expensive tires. Generally, a tire from General Tire is going to cost you around $100, while a Goodyear tire will cost you twice as much. A BFGoodrich tire, on the other hand, is usually somewhere in-between.

What are the advantages of ordering my truck tires online?

Ordering truck tires online is a great way to save money. Once you place your order, the tires are shipped to a local tire shop near you for installation and service. Buying tires online gives you more control when shopping around and comparing prices. If you do buy online, be sure to ask about warranty coverage and return policies, and ask about possible hidden fees for shipping and installation.

Should I buy used or retread truck tires?

Used tires and retread tires are, in many ways, just as good as brand new tires. The only downside to these tires is you may not get the same warranty coverage you'd get with a new set of tires. Also, if there's a certain type of tire you want, finding that specific model as a used or retread model may be more difficult. That said, you can save lots of money by going this route.

Last Updated: November 20, 2020