Concept Cars We Never Got to Enjoy

Concept Cars We Never Got to Enjoy. Not every vehicle that makes its way to an auto showroom floor is destined for consumers. Sometimes automakers want to try out particular design elements or show off future features that aren't quite ready for mass market. Other times, it seems like they are stretching their capabilities as far as possible just to show off what they can make.

These concept cars represent just that. Conceptual designs for future cars or ways for car makers to show off their might. Some are innovative and cute, like the Ford 021C. It was simply an exercise in creating a unique design with a comfortable exterior without having to be production practical. Others are performance powerhouses, like the Cadillac Sixteen. This impressive concept car features a massive V16 engine and plenty of luxury features to go along with it. Further Cadillac vehicles strive, at least in spirit, to be descendants of this flagship example.

Still other concept cars were nearly production ready, but for one reason or another (mostly the Great Recession) production plans were abandoned or later determined to not be cost effective. These 30 concept cars range from the incredibly outlandish to the most spartanly practical, and everything else in between!

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