The Best 2018 Ford F-150 Models

Ford makes some of the best-selling trucks in America: the F-150. This year, their truck selection this year gets even better. The F-150 lineup showcases 7 amazing models that you can’t go wrong with. These trucks are getting stronger than they’ve ever been, and they aren’t compromising in any area. You’ll find the best in-car comfort, smart adaptations for our tech-filled world, and the best safety features around.

The XL is the base model, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a fantastic truck. It’s still an F-150, a line of trucks you can’t go wrong with. It’s not as tech savvy as some of the other cars on the market, but trucks are made for the dirt. Who needs tech?

Well, if you do, skip over to the XLT. It’s perfect for the tech-savvy person who expects only the best tech experience at all times.

The Lariat changes the engine up a bit with the addition of the EcoBoost V6 engine. If you don’t know what this is, read on to find out. It’s one of the best things added to an F-150 in recent years. The Raptor is as strong as its name implies. If you need to do more than just carry stuff, this is the truck for you. It’s strong enough to cover any terrain. The King Ranch continues to add to this truck’s tech abilities and it’s off-road strength.

The Platinum and Limited editions are the best of the line, featuring traffic safety technologies, in-cab comforts, and top of the line technology.

If you need a strong truck, read on to find out F-150 is for you.

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