The Best and Worst Subcompact SUVs of 2019

Just a few years ago, there were hardly any quality subcompact SUVs on the market. American manufacturers actually gave up on their subcompact SUVs for a while. Remember the old Chevy Tracker or the Suzuki Jimmy. Those old mini SUVs were actually based on light-duty truck frames and bare little resemblance to the unibody crossover models of today.

Today's subcompact SUVs are more nimble, safer, and have more upscale features—sometimes matching and even rivaling their larger compact-sized cousins. This class is no longer an afterthought by car manufacturers. Instead, it's grown into a cutthroat competition for budget-conscious buyers who are more often choosing SUVs as opposed to sedans.

We ranked 14 subcompact SUVs from best to worst by combining their ratings on driving performance, standard features, design, and value.

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