Floor mats

The Best Floor Mats For Your Vehicle

Protect your vehicle with some vehicle floor mats. A vehicle's carpet takes a beating from everyday wear and tear. If the owner has pets and children, they can especially contribute to the number of stains that can ruin a vehicle's carpet. Stains on the carpet that are left untouched can get moldy and cause bad odor in the vehicle. Floor mats are a great way to keep vehicles in great condition and help maintain resale value. Often people get floor mats as soon as they purchase a new car. They protect factory carpet and with a custom set of floor mats, vehicle floors remain in perfect condition. There are various materials, colors, and styles from which a buyer can choose. Continue reading to find out more about some excellent floor mat products.

WeatherTech FloorLiners are durable, form-fitting and keep liquid away from the driver's feet. They have coverage over the footwells of the vehicle to protect against snow, mud, and water. WeatherTech liners have a raised lip around the perimeter of the liner and the pattern on the liner pull the liquid to the back of the liner. They are made from strong material that has a rigid core that provides friction with the carpet and a nice feel on top. WeatherTech liners are found on the WeatherTech website and are custom made for each vehicle model. They range in price from $59.95 - $299.85. Amazon offers them for around the same price but has free two-day shipping with Prime.

Husky Liners WeatherBeater Floor Liners are an all-weather liner with form-fitting edges. They are a sturdy rubber that provides a classic look. These liners can hold their own against chemicals, gas, and oil. Husky uses laser technology to scan the vehicle floor to ensure a precise fit. These liners do not have screws or fasteners of any kind. They stay in place with licensed nubs under the mat. The WeatherBeater comes in four different colors and is covered by a lifetime warranty. These liners are designed and manufactured in the US. Husky Liners WeatherBeaters are available on Amazon. They range in price from $84.49 to $193.95 and many of them are eligible for two-day shipping with Prime.

American Floor Mats Rubber Floor Mats are custom made for each vehicle's make and model. American Floor Mats has mats for front and rear seats, as well as third-row seating and cargo areas. They do not require any cutting. They are a commercial grade rubber that stays flexible and durable. They have a molded top surface that traps snow, dirt, and water. American Floor Mats have cleats made of rubber that grab onto the floor and keep the floor mat in place. They are easy to clean and have a backing that is heavy duty and protects them from heat and noise. These mats are incredibly simple to clean and come with a five-year warranty. American Floor Mats offers free shipping on their website and they have a price match guarantee. They will give 110% of the difference if a lower price is found somewhere else.


Last Updated: November 20, 2020