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Top 10 Features Your Family Car Needs for Your Next Road Trip

1. Built-in Vacuum Cleaner

When you’re stuck in one seat for hours on end driving to the next site, your vehicle can get dirty really quickly. Wrappers, crumbs, and more can disappear in minutes with a built-in vacuum cleaner. It’s simple to keep everything clean and spotless without a car wash or quarters while on-the-go.

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2. Wi-Fi Hotspot

Being away from the internet is impossible for kids nowadays and when you’re in the middle of nowhere, a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot can change everything. Plus, when you have a Wi-Fi Hotspot, you can instantly post all the beautiful pictures you take onto Facebook, Instagram, or your favorite social media site.

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3. DVD Player

DVD players are a godsend for people with smaller children, even for short drives. A built-in DVD player becomes even more essential when you take longer road trips as a family. Anyone who isn’t driving can be entertained with hours and hours of their favorite movies and TV shows. 

4. Third-Row Seating

Taking the whole family along is a must, which means you’ll need plenty of room. Third-row seating is perfect to hold up to eight passengers, depending on the minivan or SUV. Even if you don’t have a large family, third-row seating usually folds down to allow you more storage space for all of your luggage and souvenirs. 

5. Navigation System

Nothing is more stressful than getting lost while on a road trip. Ditch the old paper maps and make sure your vehicle has a navigation system installed. It’s easy to type in the address of where you want to go and allow the GPS to give you directions. 

6. Quality Sound System

Listening to your favorite music while driving down the highway is a necessity. You don’t want something that’s going to produce subpar sound quality because the bass is important. Instead, upgrade the sound system in your family car so you can jam anywhere.

7. Great Gas Mileage

Road trips can already be expensive, so you don’t need to spend even more by having a family vehicle that doesn’t get high gas mileage. The less you spend on gas, the more you can spend on sights and experiences. 

8. Sunroof

A car can get stuffy with four to eight people in a small space, and a sunroof is a great way to let fresh air into the cabin. Another benefit of a sunroof is the sun streaming through and warming passengers while driving to the next location. 

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9. Front/Rear Camera

Road trips take you to unfamiliar areas where you can easily drive or back up over something. Front and rear view cameras can save you from hitting objects in your path.

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10. Power Doors/Hands-Free Liftgate

Power doors make it easier to get everyone in your minivan much faster, especially if everyone is tired and ready to get in the car. Hands-free lift gates may seem like a luxury, but putting something in the back of the car is a breeze, especially when your hands are full.