The Most-Stolen Cars in Each State

It seems like thieves have a preference for certain cars over others. Obviously, the most-stolen vehicles in each state also have much to do with how many of those vehicles are actually sold in that state. You might think that thieves would head straight for the Ferraris, Bentleys, and other pricier cars. But those models aren't sold in high numbers (becauseĀ they are so pricey), so you won't find them on this list compiled by

The cars that are the easiest to steal are typically older models, most often ones that don't have that pesky car alarm system to alert owners. In fact, the oldest car on this list, comprised of 2017 data, is the 21-year-old 1996 Honda Accord. The honor goes to the state of Pennsylvania. Maybe they happen to drive some of the oldest cars in the nation? The newest model on the list is the 2017 Honda Accord in New York.

Certain states have the same model of car as their most stolen, but the models differ by their production year. Other states have the same exact car as their most stolen, production year and all. For instance, even though Delaware and Hawai'i are about as far apart as you can get, they both see the 2000 Honda Civic as the vehicle with the most insurance claims for being stolen. There are even some surprises on the list! In Wisconsin, the most in-demand car for thieves is a minivan of all things! The 2002 Dodge Caravan is the state's #1 "hot wheel." So here's the most stolen car in every state, with the states arranged by population.

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