A weather resistant car cover on a car

Car Covers for Different Weather

After deciding you need to purchase a car cover to protect your vehicle, you will need to find the right one to fit your needs. They come in a wide selection of styles, materials, colors, and sizes. The different fabrics help to protect your vehicle from dust, pollen, water and even range from thin to thick to meet whatever need you may have.

Rain Protection

If you need a cover to protect your car from the rain, you will need a thicker cover that is water resistant. They will be heavier and if used the wrong way, could cause damage by rubbing against the vehicle. Find one that has a soft woven material, or natural wool lining on the inside to protect your car.

The problem with a lined cover is they can trap moisture and kept it pressed against the surface of the car. This is the exact thing you're trying to keep from happening. In this instance, if you plan on keeping your car outside for a considerable amount of time, it is best to find a cover that is breathable. They have microscopic holes that allow trapped moisture to escape without letting rain in.

Sun Protection

If you are trying to protect your vehicle from the sun, then the cover needs to be totally UV proof. You should choose one that is strong and won't degrade in the sun or become brittle. There are nice choices that offer both water and sun protection if your vehicle is subject to both extremes. The more features, though, the more expensive the cover will be.

Wind Protection

You will also need to find a cover that can properly be secured and won't flap itself off over time in the wind. The flapping itself can cause damage if it's also slapping the body of your vehicle. This is mainly caused by cheap, universal covers and will cause more harm than good.

Winter Weather Protection

The winter months can be harsh on your car, so it's important to protect any vehicles that you store outside. In addition to the daily morning frost, you need a car cover that will shield your car from sleet, snow, and hail. Choose something durable that fits well. This will prevent any unwanted snow or ice from attaching to your car so you won't have to worry about defrosting your car or scraping the windshield.

Well Fitting Covers

Finally, you can find a custom made cover that fits your needs perfectly. There are numerous companies that can create a cover specific to your car or truck. These covers will be the best quality and will accommodate the make and model of your choice. They will protect your vehicle from whatever hazards your climate might throw at it.

Each benefit will be reflected in the price, however, and the custom covers will cost considerably more than the average. The money will be worth it as the product should survive the life of your vehicle, so the investment will keep your car or truck in great condition. Whatever cover you decide, choosing quality over price will only help you in the long run.

Last Updated: October 19, 2017