A durable car cover on top of a car

How to Find a Durable Car Cover

When you take the time to find the perfect vehicle and you make the financial investment into that vehicle, you understandably want to keep it in great condition for a long period of time. You may have a classic car, a new model, or something in between, but all vehicles can be damaged due to factors like UV rays, pollutants in rainwater, and even animal waste.

By investing in a car cover and using it regularly, you can keep your vehicle in great condition for years to come and protect its value. There are numerous types of car covers available for you to purchase, and you want to buy the best option for your vehicle. Consider these points as you shop for your car cover.

The Right Style for Your Needs

As a first step, it is important to narrow down the options so that you are only considering the car covers that are best for your specific needs. For example, some car covers are designed for vehicles that will be stored outdoors, and others are designed for indoor use in a garage. Some may be custom-made for specific makes and models, and others may have a more universal design that is ideal for any type of sedan, SUV, or other type of vehicle. The best option is a cover that fits snugly and securely over your vehicle. If you plan to keep the vehicle outdoors, it should be as waterproof and sun-proof as possible.

The Best Material for Your Car Cover

Generally, the car covers that offer the maximum benefit to your vehicle may be more expensive. However, the small difference in price of the car cover can yield superior results to your vehicle over its lifetime. If you plan to keep your vehicle stored indoors in a garage, a material like fleeced satin or flannel may be ideal. These are soft materials that will keep dust and other indoor elements off of your vehicle without damaging the paint job.

If you plan to store your vehicle outdoors, it must be waterproof and resistant to the acid in bird droppings, the stickiness of tree sap, and other elements that it may come into contact with. These may be specially manufactured acrylic or polyester materials that are not permeable to water and will not transfer color to the paint job. They may be heavy in nature to resist damage during a hail storm, and they may have special tie-down features to keep the material in place during windstorms. The material may reflect rather than absorb UV rays. More than that, they may be machine washable and dry-able for convenience.

There are dozens of models of car covers available for you to consider investing in. All may offer some protection, but many are designed for specific vehicles and purposes. Keep these points in mind as you shop around for a car cover to ensure that you make the best decision possible.

Last Updated: October 12, 2017