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First Look: The 2018 Chevy Equinox's New Design

Newly Updated Design

The 2018 Equinox carries over the design language from previous Chevy upgrades featured on the Cruze, Bolt, and Trax. These include more athletic and aggressive design lines across the rear of the vehicle. The Equinox takes the design features you love and makes them even better. It's the best of all possible worlds! 

Sporty Spoiler

The bold body lines continue above the tailgate with a slight spoiler accent. Uplevel trims feature LED taillights, and a rear pocket window allows for better visibility throughout the compact design.

Redefined Angles

The expressive design continues across the side of the vehicle body as the taillight bulge runs through the door handles and a subtle curve surrounds the wheel wells.

An Expressive Grill

The redesigned front of the 2018 Equinox features a wide grill mouth, low vehicle stance, and sweeping headlamps—altogether creating a sportier looking SUV. This isn't a boring family car.

Upgraded Finishings

The richer design comes complete with chrome trim accents across all model levels.

Heightened Headlights

New LED daytime running lamps come paired with projector-beam headlamps. Both standard offerings.

Small SUVs Are En Vogue

The overall newly compact design is sportier and appeals to a wider range of potential buyers.

Much Better Gas Mileage

The 2017 Equinox was among the worst fuel economy performers in the small SUV category. For 2018 however, the Chevy's mileage ratings have improved dramatically from a combined city/highway rating of 18 to 28 mpg.

Intelligent Grill

The new grill features electronic aerodynamic controls that close openings during certain highway conditions, reducing drag and improving fuel economy.

Overall Optimization

Not only is the new design more aggressive, but it's also more aerodynamic, achieving a 10% wind reduction from the 2017 model.

Fashionable Interior

The inside of the cabin features upgrade finishings, particularly on higher trim levels, including premium leather seating and a rich two-tone design

Distraction-Free Driving

The updated instrument panel is unobtrusive, decluttered, and intuitive—making for a distraction-free drive.

Functional Seating

The ample room in the back passenger area is enhanced by a "kneeling" seat, allowing for easy rearranging and folding.

Open Cargo

The wide-mouth tailgate offers an easy entryway to the 29.9 cubic feet of cargo space that is available behind the second row of seats.

The Space Continues

By folding the second row flat, cargo space increases to 63.5 cubic feet. That's more than enough for anything you need to transport.

Flat Floor

Thanks to the "kneeling" seat design of the second row, a flat floor is produced to make for easy loading. Still need some seating? The split folding seat means you can adjust the cargo space to exactly your needs.

A New Redline Edition

Chevy's new Redline cosmetic package that it introduced in 2017 will be available on the Equinox for the first time starting with the 2018 model. It features blackout treatments to the grill, wheels, windows, and Chevrolet bowtie badges.

A Nimble Drive

The leaner body is also a stronger build. Together, they make for a sturdier and more nimble SUV that can easily avoid potholes in the road while withstanding any unintended bumps.

Steady As She Goes

A low center of gravity gives drivers assurance over wobbly terrain.

Adventure Awaits

The four-link independent rear suspension means that the 2018 Equinox is ready for wherever your next adventure takes you.

Fully Capable

The new design and handling may harken to smaller sportier vehicles, but the Equinox still maintains its SUV capabilities when it comes to inclement weather like slush and ice.


With a new array of safety features, the 2018 Equinox is safer for all drivers, including newer ones!

Real-World Parental Settings

Teen Driver Mode allows parents to create settings that mute the radio when occupants aren't wearing safety restraints, limit top speed accessibility, and limit radio volume while driving.

Easy Check-Ins

OnStar's Family Link lets parents keep a watchful eye on younger drivers by showing vehicle location.

Nifty Notifications

OnStar Family Link also allows for email or text alerts to keep parents updated on arrivals, departures, and no-go zones.

Peace of Mind

Whether it's you driving or another family member, owners can rest assured that 10 available safety technologies are detecting and preventing potential hazards.

Surrounded by Protection

Rear park assist uses ultrasonic sensors to scan for objects that are too close while surround vision gives a bird's-eye view of your vehicle for perfect, and accident-free, parking.

Driver Alerts

Low-speed forward automatic braking senses a front-end collision is imminent below 50 mph and applies the brakes to reduce the severity of crashes.

Collision and Traffic Alerts

Drivers can set alerts to warn against tailgating or blind-spot accidents.

Inside the Lines

Lane Keep Assist prompts the driver to return to the original lane and provides alerts should your vehicle begin to wander.