The Weirdest-Looking Cars of All Time

Auto show after auto show, we see some of the coolest designs car manufactures can think up. But for every hit, there’s a miss or two. Do car manufacturers just compete to create the most out-of-this-world vehicle they can imagine?

We can understand concept cars being a little funky. They're concepts! That's the time to try new things out; mashup a couple of classes of vehicles to see if you can create something unique. Sometimes, however, when a concept is well received, the car manufacturer takes this as a sign that they should build the thing outright. When, in fact, what it probably should do is incorporate some design cues across its lineup or integrate some of the unique features into existing or upgraded models.

When the public reacts positively to a truck with six wheels and a flame thrower, it's mostly because of the uniqueness and novelty of the thing. It doesn't really mean that there's a huge market wanting to buy it for the real day-to-day. Yet, somehow, these manufacturers took what looks to have been concept ideas and made them a reality by releasing them unto the masses. You'll probably notice that many (if not most) didn't last very long. They were just too odd!

Allow us to present to you some of the weirdest-looking cars. Seriously, what were they thinking?

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